Our silk pieces are made from 100% mulberry silk charmeuse.

Mulberry silk is known for its luxurious texture and is stronger and smoother than any other silk. It is made from strands that are longer and finer than regular silk, leading to a more uniform look and overall smoother finish. Charmeuse silk is a manner of weaving silk threads into a specific pattern that creates a smooth luster on one side of the fabric and a matte finish on the reverse. This not only creates a buttery soft finish on the outer silk, but a cool and smooth matte finish against the skin, making it the most comfortable to wear.

If properly cared for, silk garments can last a lifetime.


Ensure that you store your silk garment away from sunlight and heat, which can damage the texture and color of your silk garment. It is best
stored hung in a closet with room for air circulation around the garment or folded and stored in your WR&S silk storage bag that comes with every silk garment purchase.


Silk should be dry-cleaned to avoid damaging the fabric or distorting its shape. If washed by hand, special care should be taken when handwashing at home:

Make sure to use gentle detergents that are labelled as silk-safe.

Silk garments should be handwashed alone and turned inside out when washing. Submerge in a clean tub or sink filled with cool water and enough mild, silk-safe detergent to cleanse the material.

Agitate the water by stirring gently; do not attempt to scrub or stretch silk fabric. Gently rinse.

Do not twist or wring the fabric to release excess water; gently
press the fabric against the edge of the sink carefully to press water out.

Lay flat to dry; do NOT hang or drape wet silk in order to help it keep its shape.


Silk garments can be steamed to get rid of wrinkles or creases and should be steamed from a distance to avoid hot water splashing onto the fabric from the steamer. To avoid damaging the natural fabric, silk should not be ironed.


Cotton pieces are made from natural cotton fibre and are a durable, lightweight and
eco-conscious fabric. Although cotton can be machine-washed and ironed, given that the garments themselves are delicate and contain corset laceups, buttons, ruffles etc, we recommend that you still hand-wash when necessary or dry clean.
Cotton pieces can either be ironed on low heat or steamed for best results when getting wrinkles and creases out.


Organza is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight, airy, often semi-transparent and is a very delicate weave. For this reason, spot cleaning or dry cleaning is the best option to preserve the integrity and care for your organza pieces. Ironing should not be used on organza pieces, but rather steaming is the best option to get wrinkles or creases out of your organza pieces.

Ahimsa Silk

‘Ahimsa’ or peace silk is cruelty free 100% natural silk. Instead of processing the silk cocoons through the usual procedure and killing the silk worm still
inside, ahimsa peace silk is only harvested and processed after the silk worm leaves, making it a much less cruel method. Our WR&S ahimsa silk pieces are
made with beautiful cruelty free ahimsa peace silk that we personally source from a small, woman-led atelier that weave the ahimsa silk by hand on heritage looms to preserve the original technique. Our ahimsa silk has a matte finish, colored with natural light wash dyes for a beautiful iridescent color palette. They have a textured handfeel and are cool to the touch, a highly breathable and light as air texture.

As with other silks, ahimsa silk should only be hand-washed
with care or drycleaned and should be steamed, not ironed, to get rid of creases.