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Q: When is my order shipping out? A: The shipping timeline is listed at the top of every listing description. Please go back to the listing of the item(s) you ordered and you can find the shipping timeline details there!

Q: I can't find the size chart, where is it? A: The size chart is present in every single item listing. It is located right under the "Add to cart" button, in a dropdown labelled "Garment Measurements/size chart".

Q: I shipped back my size exchange, and my tracking says delivered. When will you process my return/size exchange? A: Per the info in the return email, the returns are first sent to the USPS warehouse in Niagara and then forwarded to us in Montreal, Canada. Our return address for customers is the USPS warehouse facility in NY, USA and the purpose of this is to lower the return shipping cost for customers so that you don't have to pay for return shipping all the way to Canada.  Your return was delivered to Niagara, but we have not yet received it in Montreal. We will receive it a short while after it shows 'delivered' on your end. Please be patient as we will reach out once we've received and processed it.

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