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who we are

This fairytale started with two girls, one gentle and romantic and the other daring and brave, the inspiration that led to the name: Wild Rose & Sparrow. Based in Montréal (the closest thing to Paris on this side of the Atlantic), our brand has been daydreaming up little bits of romance for the everyday. A Wild Rose & Sparrow piece is yours to treasure forever and is meant to be worn in all your main character moments, whether that's riding your bike through a meadow on a sunny day, sipping rosé champagne on the French Riviera, or shopping for tulips at the flower market.

Our European heritage is at the heart of our brand. Drawing inspiration from Pre-Raphaelite and Impressionist art, each piece is designed thoughtfully with ultra-romantic details, that truly make it feel like a fairytale you can wear.


We put sustainability at the forefront of our design process, that is why we choose to produce in small batches and often do preorders of our new designs. This allows us to greatly reduce waste and completely eliminate overproduction. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.